Dr. Tibor Firtkó

I graduated from the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of the University of Debrecen in 2004.
Since then I have been working continuously as a lawyer, since 1st of October 2014 as an attorney-at-law, preceded by 3 years of in-house legal consultancy in the energy sector. During my career I have consistently chosen specialised areas of law such as energy law, public procurement law, data protection, media and advertising law. The above legal topics require a specific approach, and my experience in these areas allows me to take a business-oriented approach to specific problems. In addition to drafting legal opinions, contracts and legal research, I have litigation experience and experience in lobbying and representation before the competent authorities. Recently, energy law has been a major focus of my practice, where I represent and enforce the interests of users in business and court negotiations. Another key area of my professional activity is the legal protection related to digitalisation, which I carry out together with several colleagues. As a member of the Németh & Partners Lawyers' Association, I apply the expertise and approach presented here particularly effectively in the legal and interest representation of the clients who turn to it. 

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